How to Post Product Feedback


At Ad Astra, we welcome (and regularly ask for) product feedback from our users. To make it simple, we have multiple channels in place to collect that feedback. Use the channel that works best for you.  


Feedback Channels

  • Astra Bot – When users are accessing Ad Astra, the Astra Bot provides quick and easy access to the Support Center, to search help and training resources, submit support tickets, and post product feedback. 

  • Product Feedback Topic – Support Center members can post their product enhancements and feedback in the Product Feedback topic.  Members can also comment on and vote for (or against) feedback posted by other users.
  • User Panel Engagements – Ad Astra regularly pulls in User Panel members to gather feedback on how users currently use the product, their pain points, and what they think about development work in progress. If this interests you, check out the Ad Astra User Panel to learn more about the group and how you can participate.
  • Ad Astra Touchpoints – If you are most comfortable sharing your feedback with Ad Astra staff whom you regularly engage, that’s perfectly fine.  


What will Ad Astra Do with Your Feedback?

We cannot promise that every communication will result in development work, but we can promise that the Product Experience Team regularly reviews all product feedback and considers suggestions for enhancements and new features. 

Learn more about current and recently completed development work by visiting the Ad Astra's Roadmap article.


Posting Feedback in the Community

If you choose to post your feedback in the Community, here are a few tips to help you get the most bang for your buck.

  • You need an account and must be logged in before you can post feedback. (See the Community article Managing My Account.
  • Topic - For product feedback or enhancement requests, make sure you’re selecting the topic “Product Feedback”.  The Product Experience Team will be watching this topic closely.
  • Details – As with any post, readers want details. But, for a product feedback post, we need some very specific information to help us understand the problem you’re trying to solve, how the institution and its staff are impacted, and which products you’re using. Feel free to include screenshots to help better explain the problem.
  • Editing – If you post your feedback and need to make a change, you can edit your work. No worries!
  • Public - Your post will be public, so anyone can see the content. Community members can (and will) vote for or comment on your post.   (See Managing My Account for more information on how to change your notification settings.)




  • Greetings Susan,
    Clicking the link for the Astra Bot took me to a new tab than here in the Community site and prompted me for username/email and password separate for which my Astra Community credentials were not sufficient
    (I was already logged into the Astra Community site)

    Is Astra Bot used with a separate account that Community help site? ... rather than ...

    Thank you , Jason

  • Hi, Jason!  This is a great question.

    The Astra Bot is a tool available in, which is the platform where our applications Align and Monitor are available.  If your institution is not yet using those applications, you can provide your product feedback through the Community (Product Feedback topic), through user panel engagements, and/or your Ad Astra touchpoints.  If you have access to, you will use the login for that platform, which is likely different from your Support Center login.

    Let me know if you have additional questions.  


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