How to Share Tips and Tricks


Sharing how you use Ad Astra products by posting your experience and best practices in the Community will help other users learn and grow.  



If you feel your knowledge, experience, or use cases should be shared with other Ad Astra users, you can begin creating your post by logging into the Support Center and selecting "new post".  (For more guidance on creating your account or logging in, see Managing My Account.)



As with any new post, there are some basics to consider.  The following posts provide guidance you may find helpful.



It's important to provide enough context for members to understand your experience and how they can apply what they have learned.  Readers will benefit from hearing about:

  • The Ad Astra products you’re using;
  • Pertinent details about your role, your use of Ad Astra, or your institution;
  • The problem you were trying to solve or what challenges you were facing;
  • What you tried and what eventually worked (your solution); and
  • The steps you took (step-by-step instructions are always helpful).

As you provide context, you may find that other resources help tell your story.  You are encouraged to attach screenshots, as well as, share links to other Ad Astra resources in the Support Center if they provide value to your post.  

If you're considering sharing a report, be sure to check out the following post first: How to Share Crystal Reports with Other Astra Users.



It’s possible you have a lot of content to share.  To help chunk and organize the information and make it more consumable to readers, take advantage of the tools available in the Details field (e.g., paragraph styles, bullets, etc.).


Editing and Deleting

Once your post is published, you have the option to edit or delete the post by selecting the gear icon.



When you add a post in the Community, you will automatically be following your post.  When members of the Community comment on your post, you will receive an email notification. 

If you choose to stop following your post, you can either select “Unfollow” on the post itself, or you can go to your personal settings and adjust your notification settings (see Managing My Account). 





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