What Can I Do in the Community?


In the Ad Astra Community, there are a few different ways to engage with other members, including asking questions, sharing tips and tricks, and giving product feedback. 


Search for Answers

Regardless of your access, you can quickly find topics you care about by entering the topic of interest into the Search field.

You can access the search field on the Support Center homepage or by selecting the magnifying glass button in the top right-hand corner.

When you search for a topic, you will receive results from the entire Support Center.  Results may include Ad Astra-provided help and training resources or content posted by Support Center users in the Community. You can filter by content type to narrow your search.


Ask a Question

Before you post a question, search for the topic first to see if the content you need is already available. 

If you were unable to find the answers you need, ask our community of users for help by posting your question.  Visit How to Ask a Question to learn more.


Share Tips and Best Practices

We can all learn from each other.  Whether you're an experienced user or you want to share information that you found helpful share it in the Community.  The post How to Share Tips and Tricks can help you get started.


Give Product Feedback

Post and vote for product feedback in the Community.  The post How to Give Product Feedback provides tips on how to effectively post product feedback and what the Product Experience team does with that feedback.


Follow Content

To receive notifications when new content is posted, select Follow for topics, articles, or posts you care about.     

The posts below provide guidance around following content and managing your settings. 


Don't Forget to Vote

If you find Community content super valuable or informative, you can give the post a vote.  When a post has multiple votes, users can easily see which content is viewed as most helpful.  

Votes also help the Ad Astra Product Experience team identify enhancement requests clients care about the most.  

In addition to voting, for Ad Astra-provided content (e.g., help documentation, webinars, training videos, etc.), you can select "yes" or "no" to show if you found the content helpful.


Submit Support Tickets

Regardless of where you are in the Support Center, you have the ability to submit support tickets.  For more guidance on this topic, check out the article How to Submit and Manage Support Tickets.



You can see and search for answers without signing into the Support Center.  To post, comment on, follow, or vote for content, you must first create an account.  Check out the post Managing My Account for details.





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