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Great Resource: Crystal Reports Library



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    Susan Puckett

    Check out this article to learn how to share Crystal Reports with other users!  Enjoy!

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  • Walter Redden
    Thanks, Michelle, for pointing out this great resource. Please note that all users may not have access to the client portal. If you are not sure if you have access, please reach out to your institution's Ad Astra Administrator or your Ad Astra Client Success Manager. 
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  • Jason Madden

    Will reports files from the previous Support Center "Crystal Report Library" be transferred to the current Support Center Community pages ?

    Thanks, Jason 

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  • Maggie Roberts

    Great question, Jason! We're wanting to start with a clean slate, and we're now going to have a vetting process to get the reports with the correct branding and things of that sort to be ready to share. If you have some reports built that you believe would be helpful to other clients, we'd love for you to share them through the new process!

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