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Report for Changes to Section Room Assignments



  • Jason Madden

    It would also be helpful if Support Cases such as # 00094264 were not closed without communicating with the client, Status = "Closed - Can't Resolve" - no explanation when it seems plausible by merging functions of different reports together ... previously told this idea would be "reviewed for a Product Enhancement Request" on Feb 10th


    Sandboxes do have the ability to take Snapshots of section-room assignments
    Platinum Analytics report group has a "Schedule Changes Summary" Report that seems to do a before and after comparisons of section-room assignments

    So then, it seems to me, this is possible but also it would take considerable effort to combine existing elements to create such a report

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  • Christopher DiNitto


    Thank you for your feedback and continued participation in our Ad Astra Community! 

    In regards to Case #00094264, our services team reviewed your enhancement request as part of our new AS8 No Bug Backlog policy. I'm happy to share our new policy regarding Astra Schedule 8 bugs and enhancements which allows our Services team to review every single bug and enhancement that comes in weekly. Following review, your CSM will communicate with you within 7 days as to the result of your request.

    In this instance, we reviewed your case and marked it as Closed - Can't Resolve just stating that we had reviewed the request and in this case, we most likely will not be addressing this specific enhancement in AS8. Just because we won't be addressing this functionality in our current architecture, that doesn't mean your request has fallen on deaf ears. We have already created a development ticket and your request is currently sitting with our development team that will be building these new solutions. This will be one of the materials they reference as they build new applications and solutions and will be a problem we look to solve in our new platform. It looks like your CSM followed up on the 28th to clarify what the next steps will be. 

    If you have any other questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to your Client Success Manager directly and they would be happy to walk you through our new process in detail. 


    Thank you for your continued partnership!

    Chris DiNitto

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