Delivery Method as criteria for Scheduling Preference Rules


It would be very helpful for us to be able to compose scheduling preference rules with Delivery Method as a filterable criteria,  such that In-Person (traditional lecture) and Hybrid formatted sections could be assigned to different types of rooms.

Best regards, Jason 



  • Yes, this feature would be helpful. In addition, the ability to do the same filterable criteria for part of session classes.

  • It would also be helpful if the Delivery Method could be considered by the optimizer. I have Synchronous Online sections that have meeting patterns but do not need a room that are being pulled into the optimizer.  

  • Agreed! I think pulling in the instructional method would be extremely helpful! Anyone have any ideas on they are going to ensure these courses don't need a room but have assigned days and time. 

  • Hello Everyone,

    It was like 2 years ago, we started using Instruction Method in Banner and I would that it would align with Delivery Method in Astra. 
    It took a bit of work with a support case (in the previous support center) to have this updated in our Batch and Differencer import jobs
    I created this posting in the new community site to keep this request alive 

    We do have two Section List reports with Delivery Method attribute from "SectionMeetingReportView" table , which means it is plausible for Delivery Method to be included as a selectable column in the Section List webpage 
    The Delivery Method attribute is displayed in the Edit Section window, but not available in the Section List columns

    For scheduling purposes, we have Online psuedo-buildings and pseudo-rooms with like capacity 99999, such that course meetings that are Online-Only are to be manually assigned by our academic schedulers to the "Online" Building and "Online" Room for the respective campus so that as these "online" sections are imported into Astra Schedule, they are interpreted as already assigned section and the Room Assignment Optimizer does not try to assign them to actual physical rooms.

    It was about 2 years ago that I submitted a Product Enhancement Request for Delivery Method to be included in the Section List and Scheduling Preference Set attributes and in the Sandbox Results fields for Scheduled , Bottleneck, and Infeasible meetings not just for In-Person versus Online classes but also we have several Hybrid & Blended Instruction Methods for classes as well.

    Because of Covid-19, about 90% of our section offerings are now online, but we need to give attention to Hybrid and Lab sections that require In-Person instruction that sections are spread apart for cleaning and physical distancing 

    Please keep voting positive for this needed enhancement      
    Let me know if you are interested in the our System Admin report Section List with CRN & Delivery Method  

    Thank you , Jason 

  • For the optimization portion, most institutions are assigning the online-only sections with meetings patterns to an online room in their Student Information System. When those sections with the online-only room are imported into Astra, the schools are checking the Keep Existing Room Assignments box in the optimizer. That means the optimizer will ignore those sections, as they already have an assignment. 

  • I agree with needing this. Maybe we need to create an online campus to do this. It would really help to alleviate adding Online to the Bldg area of SSASECT as over the summer about 70% of our classes are online.


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