Suggestion to add the room number to the calendar listing.

When viewing the Calendar Activity month or week view, a suggestion is to add the room number to the calendar listing.

This will be helpful if you use the Astra Schedule Calendar API to display what's going on for the week or month on the corridor TV monitors.

For example below, in the month view, it will display "8 am Chess Club Meeting - Rm 20 159". 



  • I would almost want Time - Room# - Activity Description in that order on the calendar
    ... but also being able to customize the ordering of the display would be even more helpful

    For the most part with us, using calendar view of events is only effective when filtering down to just one or few rooms
     ... because there the room # is not displayed on the initial item line

    Best regards, Jason

  • To piggyback on this request, I've also had users request to see the end time displayed as well.


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