Delivery Method as a column in Section List


It would be very helpful to be able to have Delivery Method section attribute as a displayable column and filterable criteria in the Section List page, so that we do not need to open each section to determine how its Delivery Method is set, such that it would be much easier to check if sections are in-person, online, hybrid, internship, etc, 

Best regards, Jason 



  • This is a great suggestion, Jason. Not only would it be easier for super users to view on the fly, but at my institution this piece of information is vital to deans/department chairs and - if available - would create a lot of buy for use of the reports we could deliver to them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yes Kelly , my intention was directed towards academic schedulers and assistants being able to quickly spot incomplete and unassigned sections in the Section List page

    In the current Covid19 situation, for our summer 2020 term we are only offering online courses.

    As well as be able to have analysis reports comparing trends from term to term like student-fill ratios between in-person, hybrid, dual-credit, and online sections ...

    As well, I have another old Product Enhancement Request/Feedback to bring Delivery Method as a criteria in Room Assignment Sandboxes .... so we can set preferences differently if a section is In-Person lecture versus Hybrid lab/lecture 

    Thank you for commenting , Jason  


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