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"As we are building new sections at the last minute, it would be helpful if sections that have never been scheduled into a room were highlighted in some way so that the section/room scheduler knew that they are new. This was a great suggestion by one of our avid section and event administrator. Ex: I have taken rooms off of some late start classes to give to classes starting in August, and I would like those to be differentiated from newly created sections. Even if it is just to have the date and time stamp when the section was first imported.

V5.2 used to have it. The section list detail had a column with this date and time stamp. It just does not seem all that difficult to have this column added to the section list columns. 

Is there anyone out there that this can be helpful?"



  •  ... to confirm understanding ... are you suggesting having another column in the "Room List" page like "Last Scheduled" with timestamp for the most recent activity, eh?  ... I would totally love that :-) 

    I only remember back to Astra Schedule v6.0 ... years ago when we upgraded to Astra Schedule v8.0, i had discussions on what buildings and rooms from Banner SIS that we should bring into the new version of Astra ... this would have been helpful back then to say like not import any rooms that have not had any activities scheduled in the past 10 years

    To simplify things for Dual Credit sites (Area High Schools) where we have no control over actually room location, we just went with "N/A" room so that we could still see those dual-credit sections easily in the Scheduling Grid.

    Best regards, Jason 

  • In "Sections List" page, we can filter and sort by Meeting Status ... I use this filtering After running Room Assignment Optimization ... highlighting then could be useful but more of distraction before optimization --- so it would be best if clients could toggle such an option in Section List page

    In Section Details, I think unscheduled individual meeting instances are highlighted red ... like when the class falls on a holiday when the our college is closed

    Best regards, Jason 


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