Event Request Forms - Training + Q&A

Learn the ins and outs of event request forms by watching the training session and reference the Q&A below. At the end of the training, you should feel equipped to set up an event request form using the tools outlined by Ad Astra.  

If you have more questions or want to discuss specific situations, connect with peers in the Ad Astra Community and learn what others are doing and provide input! 


Can you add a diagram or layout examples for the requester to view within the form?

Yes! You can copy and paste images into the Custom Display Content field in the event request form. You can also create a link to a webpage with images if you'd like!

Can requesters upload a diagram or layout for their event within the form?

A user cannot submit an attachment within Astra Schedule's event request forms. You can add a link to a separate page for uploads if you would like!

Can you designate who can submit each form?
Yes! Using roles, you can specify who can fill out each form.

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  • Is there a way to inactivate a request form without deleting it?


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