Completion Track Settings

A completion track represents how, where, and when courses are offered, represented through modality, campus, and time of day. Completion tracks are used in planning to help identify possible gaps between how program courses are offered compared to how students' are preferring to take classes. In order to provide feedback related to completion tracks, some settings are provided to help Ad Astra understand to which tracks your sections belong.


Completion Track settings allow users to automatically tag sections within the system with time of day and campus tags specific to completion tracks.



Time of Day Tagging

A section’s Time of Day tag is determined by two settings. First, for weekdays, select whether to distinguish between Morning, Afternoon, and Evening or only Day and Evening.



For either mode, you’ll select the time at which you will transition between each time of day.



Then, select which days are considered weekend days. By default this will be set to Saturday and Sunday.



With these two settings combined, sections will be tagged with the matching time of day. For example using the above settings, if a section meets on a Saturday, the time of day will be “Weekend”. If a section meets between noon and 5:00 p.m. it will be tagged with “Afternoon” (using the Morning-Afternoon-Evening mode).


Completion Track Campus

The Completion Track Campus settings allow for sections to be tagged with a campus other than that with which they are directly linked within the Student Information System. This effectively combines the campuses for the purposes of Completion Tracks. For each campus, you can choose which campus is tagged to the sections assigned to that campus. By default, the completion track campus will be the same as it’s assigned campus, but this can be changed if desired.



Additionally, you can create a Campus Completion Track. This allows for a custom tag to be used, in addition to or instead of using the campuses themselves. Click the + button and add a Name and Description to add a Campus Completion Track.



Once added, this custom campus can now be mapped to one or more campuses below.



This has the effect of combining these campuses for completion track purposes.

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