Faculty Overview

The Faculty app allows users to browse and search for faculty in the system, view details including assigned course schedule and non-instructional assignments for a term (if applicable), and export an assignment report for selected faculty.


To access the Faculty app, click Faculty in the navigation panel on the left, and then select a term from the drop-down list.


Once a term is selected, a standard set of sort, search, find, and filter tools are available for browsing faculty. Users may also select the Refresh button to update instructor's non-instructional assignments.  The Refresh button is only available to Banner clients. By hovering over the Refresh button, the system will display the last time non-instructional assignment data was updated.  The refresh process typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete.


A column of check boxes is provided on the left side to select some or all faculty from the list. When rows are selected you will see an export option appear on the right. Clicking this option will download a zip file of individual faculty assignment reports for the selected faculty to your computer. Users must select less than 1000 faculty to be exported at one time.




Clicking a faculty member’s name allows you to view more details, including the schedule for the selected term.



Note that you can navigate to any assigned section meetings using the link icon on the section meeting assignment.




This link also appears for each assigned instructor when viewing a section meeting, allowing you to navigate directly to the faculty details page within the Faculty app.




Non-Instructional Workload

When viewing an instructor’s details, the Non-Instructional tab allows for viewing and editing their non-instructional assignments.



Click the Edit button to enter edit mode for non-instructional assignments. From here you can add new or remove existing assignments. Use the Add Non-Instructional Category option to add a new category either from the predefined category list or by entering a Category ID, Description, Contract Code, and Assignment Code to create a new one.




Once one or more categories are added, adjust the hours for this faculty member in the hours field as desired.



After saving the assignments, you will see the Total Workload update to include the assigned hours



FTE is currently only calculated for customers importing workload units and an FTE factor from Banner.

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