Section Enrollment Change


The Historical Snapshot Comparison report can be accessed from the Schedule Refinement/Registration Tracking folder in the Report App.  This report shows the comparison of section enrollments between two points in time (snapshots) during term registration.

Sorting on the enrollment change (or enrollment change percentage) column can assist in identifying specific sections that have significant increases or decreases in enrollment over time.


Filters default to ‘all’ of that category unless otherwise noted.

  • Terms for Comparison
  • Campus
  • Initial Snapshot
  • Course Group
  • Comparison Snapshot


  • Part of Term


  • Course/Subject/Course Number



Section Enrollment Change Table

The Section Enrollment Change table lists every section that exists in BOTH selected snapshot dates from the filter panel (i.e. sections that were added or canceled in between the snapshot dates and don't exist in both snapshots will NOT appear in the table).

The table calculates the difference in the enrollments between the snapshot dates for each section.  Clicking on the Enrollment Difference or Enrollment Difference (Percentage) column headers will allow you to sort the table to more easily identify the sections that had the biggest change in enrollment.


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