Do Not Overwrite Astra Room Assignments Import System Setting

In order to keep the room assignments that you made being overwritten, we have a system setting called DoNotOverwriteAstraRoomAssignments that will keep room assignments (or blank room assignments) in the SIS from overwriting your Astra Schedule created room assignments until you export. By default, this system setting is set to TRUE, which we highly recommend.


So, let’s talk through an example.

  • MATH 101 was assigned to Adams Hall 101 in Astra Schedule but this assignment has not yet been exported to the SIS.
  • An import runs the next morning and MATH 101 does not have a room assignment in your SIS.
    • If DoNotOverwriteAstraRoomAssignments is set to FALSE, the Adams Hall 101 room assignment will be removed in Astra Schedule, as the system thinks that no room assignment is correct.
    • If DoNotOverwriteAstraRoomAssignments is set to TRUE, the room assignment will remain as Adams Hall 101 in Astra Schedule. 
  • Export your room assignments. Once the export is complete, MATH 101 is assigned to Adams Hall 101 in both Astra Schedule and the SIS.
  • Once an export for a term has run, a user can make a room assignment change in the SIS and have it import correctly, overwriting the Astra Schedule room assignment (Adams Hall 101 for MATH 101). The system setting DoNotOverwriteAstraRoomAssignments flags a section on the database with a room assignment that has not yet been published so it will not be overwritten. Once the room assignment is exported, the flag is removed, allowing an import to bring in a room assignment change. However, if a room assignment change is made in Astra Schedule again, the system setting will flag the section again until the export.
  • You do not need to change the system setting in-between times when you run the optimizer or when manually assigning rooms. We recommend it always be set to TRUE. It’s there to help you as you make your changes and keep the room assignment integrity intact during the room scheduling process

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  • What if you are just testing in the Room Optimization Sandbox and end up not wanting to publish your results?  Will this cause the section on the database to be flagged and not allow new room assignments from the SIS to be imported?

  • Hi Stephny - as long as you don't publish the results of the optimization, it will not flag the sections in the database. 


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