Student Course Registration


You can access the Student Course Registration report from the Schedule Refinement/Student Details folder in the Report App. The report allows you to identify which students have registered for sections in any selected term.  Filtering allows you to identify registrations by pathway as well as time of day.



Filters default to ‘Include all’ of that category unless otherwise noted.

  • Term
  • Pathway
  • Time of Day
  • Campus
  • Subject/Course



Student Registrations by Section widget

This table displays a list of sections and the students that have registered for them. The filters in the filter panel allow for the filtering of the list of sections.



Student Registrations by Pathway

The Student Registrations by Pathway widget will show the total section registrations grouped by pathway. This will allow you to see which pathways have the highest registration totals.



Student Registrations by Time of Day Widget

The Student Registrations by Time of Day widget will show the total section registrations grouped by time of day. This will allow you to see which time of day has the highest registration totals.



Widget Interactions


  • Any section of the bar graph will change all other widgets in the report to filter to the selected bar.
  • It will automatically add the filter to the left pane filter panel.
  • To unselect a bar, select the bar again. The left pane filter will clear out and the widgets will return to default.

Slider Bar

  • The bar below the bar graph is a good way to zone in on a group that has a lot of items in a category.
  • Click and drag the window to move the whole window while retaining its size.
  • Drag the right and left bars on either side of the grey window to zoom in.

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