Import Errors due to Room Configuration SISkeys

Have you received the following error which is stopping your import job from completing?

'An item with the key 'RoomConfiguration - EXAMPLE_EXAMPLE_EXAMPLE_EXAMPLE' for strategy bySisKey already exists in the cache'

Room configuration SISkeys are necessary during implementation to bring over the rooms from your SIS. However, after this step, they are no longer needed and can often cause problems. Just like regular room SISkeys, a duplicate room configuration SISkey will cause an error so they all have to be unique. The error above will appear when there are duplicate room configuration SISkeys. 

You can fix this error in one of two ways: 

  • Remove the room configuration SISkey entirely. Go to the page for the specific room and under 'Configurations', click on the configuration. You can then remove the text in the SISkey field.


  • Edit the room configuration SISkey so that there are no duplicates. We suggest using the format "CampusCode_BuildingCode_RoomCode_RoomConfigName."


After making either of these changes, try running your import job again. If you still see errors persist, please submit a ticket to Support.

Learn more about room configurations.

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