HESI® Seat Fill Utilization Analysis Drill-In


The HESI® Seat Fill Utilization Analysis Drill In report displays HESI details as they relate to how a room’s available capacity is being used as section meetings are scheduled into them and as students enroll in those section meetings.

There are many ways to slice this data, using both room and section meeting attributes. Additionally, there are drill-in capabilities in order to view the calculations in a more granular way to identify issues and better understand what is affecting top-level calculations.

The use of this report requires a HESI analysis for your institution.



Once you have a HESI analysis completed, you can access this report from the HESI Comparison or the HESI Goals Report in the Report App by clicking on the Seat Fill Enrollment or Seat Fill Enrollment Cap metrics. 




Prior to reviewing the metrics, select the Capacity Analysis term corresponding to the term you wish to analyze. The default selection for your institution's main campus and classroom/ lecture room type will be pre-selected upon opening the report, but you can turn this off.

To manipulate the selection further you can update the filters to "Include All" or both true and false values. This will allow the dependent filters to include all possible values to be available for selection.

  • Capacity Analysis Name (only one can be selected at one time)
  • Default Selection
  • Building
  • Room Type
  • Campus
  • Room Code
  • Room Capacity
  • Instructional Method
  • Meeting Type
  • Room Size Category
  • Alternate Campus (PeopleSoft only)


Top Level Metrics

The dials show the top-level metrics that relate to seat fill. As filtering is applied to this report, the widgets will change to reflect the metrics for the filtered set only. For more information on how seat fill utilization enrollment is calculated, check out the Components section of the Capacity Analysis Report article.



Seat Fill Utilization by Size Category, Meeting Type, Instructional Method, Room Type, Building, and Campus

This bar graph shows a graphic illustration of seat fill enrollment and seat fill enrollment cap and how they stack up with each other by a chosen category. This can quickly show some patterns or outliers that may need further examination.blobid2.png

Widget Functionality

  • Right-click anywhere on the graph and the category on which the utilization is grouped will change.
    • Room Type
    • Campus
    • Building
    • Size Category
    • Instructional Method
    • Meeting Type
  • Left-click on the desired bar on the bar graph and the entire report will filter to the selected bar. The filter on the right side filter panel will indicate the filters selected.
  • To clear the filter selection, either adjust the filter on the right panel or click ‘clear selection’ on the top right of the widget.


Seat Fill by Size Category and Room Type

This chart shows seat fill utilization metrics grouped by Campus, Room Type, and Size Category. Clicking the hyperlinked values will open a new window to a report that expands the number of rooms into the individual rooms and their seat fill utilization that make up the aggregated values on this widget.blobid4.png


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