Cross-Listed Sections Report


You can access the Crosslisted Sections report from the Schedule Refinement/Section Lists folder in the Report App. The report allows you to see the enrollment ratio for a cross-list group by term, as well as view the individual sections associated with that cross-list group.



Filters default to ‘Include all’ of that category unless otherwise noted.

  • Term
  • Modality
  • Department
  • Campus
  • College
  • Division
  • Subject & Course
  • Meeting Type
  • Instructional Method
  • Cross-List Name


Cross-List Enrollment Widget

This table displays a list of the cross-list groups by term. It will display the enrollment of the group, the total cross-list seats, and the enrollment ratio. The cross-list seats value is coming from the SIS, and may not be the same as the total of the individual section seats.

The filters in the filter panel allow for the filtering of the list of sections, including a filter for the cross-list group names.



Cross-List Sections Widget

The Cross-List Sections widget will show the individual sections associated with each cross-list group, by term, including the section enrollment and seats. Additionally, there is a column for “Cross-list Adjusted Seats”. This column contains a proportion of the cross-list seats value allocated to each section based on the enrollment. The sum of that Cross-list Adjusted Seats column is equal to the cross-list seats value in the chart above.


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