Events Workflow Training + Q&A

Learn the flow of the events workflow and how you can set up for success by watching the training session and reference the Q&A below. At the end of the training, you should feel equipped to set up an event workflow using the tools outlined by Ad Astra.  

If you have more questions or want to discuss specific situations, connect with peers in the Ad Astra Community and learn what others are doing and provide input! 



Why doesn't the notification list show the correct start and end time for event requests?

Events requests can have multiple meetings in them, but there is only a single line in the notification list for the request. Therefore, the start and end dates are blank, and the start and end times show 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM because we cannot display multiple dates and times in those blocks. You'll click the magnifying glass in order to see the dates and times of the request!

In the screenshot below, you'll see an example of an event request with the magnifying glass. Also, room and resource requests will show the date and time, as they are individual dates and times for each request!


Where does the "Request for Information" message get sent?

When clicking the blue "i" icon, the event requester should receive an email from Astra for more information. This functionality is intermittent due to a bug, so we recommend clicking the name in the "Created By" column in order to send an email to request more information for an event.

Clicking the "i" icon to request more information will not send an email. You will need to email those requesters individually.

When I save a notification group, it displays as an approver group. Why is that?
This is a display bug on the approval/notification group form. All forms will says "Approver Group" at the top, so we recommend naming your groups appropriately, whether they are an approver or a notification group.

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