Find and Replace Courses

A Pathways maintenance utility is available for finding and replacing courses, or course groups, within one or multiple pathways. This is a convenient way to quickly update multiple pathways to replace expired courses or otherwise update evolving requirements.

To use the Find and Replace utility, click the Pathways icon to launch the Pathways app.


In the upper right-hand corner, click on the menu button with the three dots and select “Find and Replace Course”.



In the pop-up window, select the Course or Course Group option, as needed. You may only find and replace one course or course group at a time.



Use the search feature to find the course or group, and click to select it. Click Next to continue.



Select one or multiple pathways in which you’d like to replace the chosen course or group. You can also choose "Select All" to choose all pathways. Click Next to continue.


Use the search feature again to choose the course or group that will replace the first course or group, as applicable. Click Replace to continue. 


The list of affected pathways is confirmed in the window.


Click Done when finished, or Restart to replace another course or group.

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