Advanced Events Training Session + Q&A

Learn best practices on how to create advanced events by watching the training session and referencing the Q&A below. At the end of the training, you should feel equipped to create complex events using the tools outlined by Ad Astra.  

If you have more questions or want to discuss specific situations, connect with peers in the Ad Astra Community and learn what others are doing and provide input! 



How do you get Pre-Meetings to show up on the scheduling grid as the setup window does?
You will need to make sure you have two things setup:
  1. Make sure to have View Pre/Post Meetings set up in your calendar filter.
  2. When creating your Pre or Post Meeting, change the On Calendar options from false to true by clicking the checkbox.
Can you automatically notify facilities, IT, athletics, etc. about events?
Yes! You can set up notifications that send emails to your users about specific rooms and resources being scheduled. You can also set up report subscriptions that send specific events, whether they are in a certain building, have a specific event type, or have a group of resources associated with them, to your users on a cadence of your choice.

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  • If you've listened to the end of the video or were at the live webinar, you heard me make a reference to the new Obi-Wan Kenobi show, saying it premieres May 25. Do not be led astray! It's now premiering on May 27 with two episodes. 🎉

    Here is Ewan McGregor giving the update, if you'd like to see.

    I'm just hear to keep the people informed on all things Ad Astra, Astra Schedule, and Star Wars! 



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