Exclusions in Ad Astra Apps

Exclusions remove a set of courses, sections, or section meetings from analysis. These settings allow you to create, configure, and remove exclusions. 

To view and/or edit exclusions, go to the ‘Settings’ link under the profile icon in the upper right corner. All users can view the list of exclusions and admin users can update exclusions.



Select the Exclusions category on the left sidebar or by using the search bar. A list of current exclusions will appear (if applicable).



To add a new exclusion, use the ‘Add Exclusion’ button. There are three types of exclusions: Course, Section, Section Meeting.



Once an exclusion type has been selected, use the drop-down list to select an applicable field for that exclusion type.



Users can select which operator fits their needs. If ‘Expression’ is selected, users will need to enter a regular expression. 



Using the "Add FIelds" button, multiple fields can be added to an exclusion. Courses, sections, section meetings will need to meet the requirements of all fields of the exclusion to be excluded from analysis.


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