Low Enrollment Sections Report


You can access the Low Enrollment Sections report from the Schedule Refinement/Section Lists folder in the Report App. You can identify sections that have low enrollment and/or a low enrollment ratio for a selected term and could potentially help identify classes that could be canceled prior to the start of a term.



Filters default to ‘all’ of that category unless otherwise noted.

  • Years
  • Subject
  • Modality
  • College
  • Term
  • Course Level
  • Meeting Type
  • Division
  • Campus
  • Course
  • Instructional Method
  • Department
  • Enrollment Threshold (sections that do not meet the minimum enrollment)
  • Enrollment Ratio Threshold (sections that do not meet the minimum enrollment ratio)


Sections Under Enrollment/Enrollment Ratio Threshold

This table displays a list of sections that do not meet the minimum enrollment and/or enrollment ratio specified in the report filters.

The enrollment ratio is calculated as section enrollment/section seats for non-cross-listed sections. For cross-listed sections, the cross-list "Adjusted Seats" value is used in place of section seats to provide a more accurate calculation of enrollment ratio.

By default, the minimum enrollment threshold is less than 10, with an enrollment ratio of less than 50%. The right-hand filter panel can be used to turn off or customize the list of sections shown.


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