Momentum Year Metrics Report


You can access the Momentum Year Metrics report from the Degree Velocity folder in the Report App. The report will show the same Momentum Year metrics available in the Momentum Year App for multiple terms at once. This will allow the comparison of Momentum Year metrics term over term. Additional widgets will show Momentum Year metrics split out by Program and Term.

The Momentum Year metrics are based on the milestones configured for the Enrollment App including:

  • Core English and Math Gateway Courses
  • Nine credits in the student’s academic focus area
  • 30 credits in the first year



Filters default to ‘Include all’ unless otherwise noted.

  • Years
  • Term Type
  • Term
  • Student Concentration
  • Student Program
  • Student Major
  • Campus
  • Pathway


Momentum Year Metrics Widget

The Momentum Year Metrics widget displays the five Momentum Year metrics as a percentage for the associated first-year students in each selected term. 

  • English Gateway: students who have completed the english gateway course. 
  • Math Gateway: students who have completed the math course.
  • First-year Progress: students who have completed at least 30 first-year credits.
  • Program Progress: students who have completed at least nine non-gateway credits on their assigned pathway.
  • All Metrics: students that completed all four of the above milestones.

You can use the filter panel to narrow the terms and students included based on their assigned campus, pathway, major, program, and concentration.



Momentum Year Metrics Pivot Table

This pivot table includes the same data as the Momentum Year Metrics widget but in a table format.



Momentum Year Metrics by Student Program Widget

This pivot table displays Momentum Year metrics by term, but splits them out by each Student Program and allows you to compare the metrics to show differences for each program.


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