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Astra’s Higher Education Scheduling Index (HESI®) is a database that tracks how effectively colleges and universities allocate their faculty and classrooms to meet students’ course needs. The database includes metrics from a cross-section of 4-year public, 4-year private, and 2-year public higher education institutions. Its goal is to generate benchmarks that can inform institutional scheduling practices and course offerings, in order to improve on-time graduation rates, and better utilize existing space and other institutional resources.

You can access the HESI Goals report from the Impact - Benchmarking folder in the Report app. The report includes a scatterplot comparing all HESI institutions based on percentile rankings in course access and efficiency.

The report also includes individual capacity and course offering metrics for your school and indicates whether they meet defined goals. These metrics are also shown as a trend with past terms to show whether your institution is improving over time.



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Course Access and Efficiency Quadrant

The Course Access and Efficiency Quadrant demonstrates the opportunity to balance students’ course access with campus efficiency. Success in these areas is frequently inversely correlated (e.g. efficient institutions tend to have less course access, and vice versa). All institutions in the HESI are mapped (with your institution being highlighted) with the top-right quadrant of this graph representing institutions where both student course access and campus efficiency performance are better than industry averages. The dots are colored-coded to indicate schools that are of the same institution type and Carnegie classification.

The efficiency score is the percentile rank based on an institution’s enrollment ratio, classroom standard week utilization, and underutilized course ratio.

The course access score is the percentile rank based on an institution’s overloaded course ratio, off-grid waste, primetime compression, and single-section courses.


Capacity Metrics and Course Offering Metrics

The Capacity and Course Offering Metrics widgets display the individual HESI metrics for your institution. The large number indicates the current value and indicates if it meets the outlined goal. Additionally, some metrics display a line chart of values for prior terms to allow for longitudinal tracking. Modifying the term filters in the filter panel on the right will allow you to modify the listed terms (note, capacity metrics are only available for terms in which a capacity analysis was run).

Clicking on any of the metrics will display a drill-in report to show additional details.

View each of the calculated HESI metrics

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