Faculty Settings in Ad Astra Apps

To access settings used for the Faculty App, go to the “Settings” link in the left navigation panel. You must be an Admin user for your institution to change user settings.


Select the “Faculty” from the left sidebar or by using the search bar.



Faculty Assignment Types

You can configure and manage the Assignment Types in Ad Astra in the Faculty Assignment Types area.    Learn more about Faculty Workload

Click the + icon to add a new assignment type. Enter a code and description.


To delete an assignment type, click the three dots icon and choose Delete.


If you are an Ellucian Banner customer using faculty workload, if you delete ALL existing Assignment Types, the list will be reset to match Banner upon the next import cycle.


Non-Instructional Time

The settings page for non-instructional time displays categories such as advising, research, administrative, etc. for tracking faculty workload. Non-instructional categories are displayed here but may be assigned to faculty members within the Faculty App.

Managed in Ad Astra Apps

If you manage these categories within Ad Astra Apps, an initial import of non-instructional categories will populate this settings page. An import will be completed as a part of the Faculty App implementation process, or you can open a support ticket to initiate the import.

You may edit the description and active status by clicking on the three-dot menu on the right side of each category and select Edit. Select “Update” to save your changes.


The category ID cannot be modified.


Add a new non-instructional category by selecting the “Add a Category” button at the top right corner of the page. Select “Add Category” to save.


The Import feature can only be used by an Astra admin and it imports from Snowflake and SIS if there are categories established. 

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