Schedule Settings in Ad Astra Apps

To access Schedule Settings, go to the 'Settings' link under the profile icon in the upper right corner. You must be an Admin user for your institution to change Schedule settings.  


Select "Schedule" in the left sidebar or by using the search bar.



Meeting Pattern Management

Meeting Pattern Management will allow you to create, configure, and update standard and on-grid meeting patterns.



Adding Meeting Patterns

When you create a meeting pattern it will be added to the meeting pattern list. By default, the list is sorted by ‘Meeting Days’, which means your new pattern might appear next to similar day patterns.

  1. Select the ‘Add Meeting Pattern’ button on the top right.
  2. Select the day(s).
  3. Set the Start and End time
  4. Check if a meeting pattern is ‘standard’ (an approved list that may have overlap) or ‘on grid’ (no overlap).



Filter and Sort Meeting Patterns

Filter by Days Met, Standard Patterns, and On-grid Meeting Patterns.



Sort any column by hovering and clicking the sort arrow to the right of the Column name. 



Export Meeting Patterns

You can click on the export button to download the meeting patterns listed to a .csv file.



Delete Meeting Patterns

To remove a meeting pattern, click on the three-dot overflow icon and select Delete to remove the pattern.


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