Courses and Sections

Clicking on a course from the Course list will open the Align course visuals and you can review the course analysis, section details, and course details to help make decisions, model your planned schedule changes, and have a conversation about the process by tagging other users.


Course Details and Course Activity

Clicking the Course Details information icon Icon_4.png in the upper right corner will open a right-side panel so users can review course details and activities. 



Once the panel opens, the Details tab of the panel displays basic course information. As updates are made to courses, the changes are being logged so it will be easy to see when changes were made.



The Activity tab of the panel will display changes made to the number of Offered sections and seats, that comes directly from the Student Information System. When the Align algorithm makes changes to the number of Needed seats, these changes are also listed under the Activity tab. Only data informed by Predict will update the algorithm, as historical data is stamped.



Analysis Tab

While on the Analysis tab of the course, you can review enrollment trends for the course up to four previous terms. This includes the number of offered sections and seats, as well as the number of students enrolled per term. You can also examine recommendations from previous terms and additional campuses. Learn about the Align Course Visuals.



Sections Tab

When making scheduling decisions, it is important to have the all details of a course’s sections available to make empowered changes. On the Sections tab, you can see the sections associated with a course and have the ability to view individual sections and their details.



You can view a list of section information for the selected course, campus, and term, and reference the Student Conflict Risk heatmap by clicking on the "Conflict" toggle".



When the "List" is toggled on, you can select an individual section to view the section and the meeting details. 



The Section list can be exported to a .csv file so you can share or manipulate the data for your own needs. Look for the export icon near the top of the page. Click the export icon, confirm you want to download the file and a .csv file will be saved to your computer's default download location. 


To help support the section scheduling and schedule building experience, the export includes a tag to any field that has been edited in Ad Astra. In the spreadsheet generated by the export, "(edited)" will display in the applicable column following the value. This will help answer the question "how do we know what was edited in Ad Astra so that we can put those changes into our SIS".


Section and Meeting Details

Section and meeting details are visible when you click on a section from the list.  Learn how you can edit Sections and Meetings.


Students Tab

If your institution has Align with Predict, you will see a Students tab. Learn about the Student Tab.



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