Course/Section Validation Report


The Course/Section Validation report is designed for use during implementation, to highlight courses that may skew an initial benchmark analysis and may need to be excluded from Align and Monitor either short-term or long-term.

You can access the Course/Section Validation Report from the Schedule Refinement folder under Configuration in the Report App.



Filters default to ‘Include all’ of that category unless otherwise noted.

  • Term
  • Subject
  • Campus
  • Course Number
  • Section Meeting Type
  • Section Instructional Method


Max Enroll = 0, Enrollment > 0 Widget

This widget shows past or current sections that had students enrolled, but had a section capacity set to zero. If there are large numbers of these courses, or if they represent a large percent of course enrollment, then their inclusion in a benchmark analysis could skew the overall results. Details about the sections are shown to help identify how they might be excluded.



Max Enroll > 10x Enrollment Widget

This data table shows past or current sections that had students enrolled, but the capacity was greater than 10 times the enrollment value. This is intended to highlight very low-enrolled sections. If there is a large number of these sections, and/or if a very large section capacity is assigned to a handful of sections, then we may want to remove those courses from being analyzed as well.



Courses and Course Numbers Assigned to Levels Widgets

Courses can be assigned to Course Levels for reporting purposes. These two pivot tables show what Course Levels are currently included, and which course numbers were assigned to each level. It can also be used to identify any courses that were not included in the current course level configuration.


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