Pathway Validation Report (BETA)


You can access the Pathway Validation Report from the Pathway Health folder under Supplemental in the Report App. The Pathway Validation report is intended to surface key changes that can be made to improve the accuracy of Pathway data, used by Ad Astra applications.

This report is currently in an early stage of deployment for consulting use and customer feedback. It will not be populated or updated by default for every client. If you’d like to learn more, please contact Software Support by submitting a support ticket.


Pathway Alignment

Student alignment to pathways shown for the top 50 pathways by student count. Student alignment is shown as Average Term Difference: the average disconnect between the term a student takes a course and the term that course was recommended on the pathway.


Pathway Common Courses

The Top eight courses taken in each term that can be filtered by pathway.

Term Order of zero refers to courses that students transferred in, prior to beginning coursework at the institution.


Rule Sequence Completion

Term Order distribution for each rule sequence in the selected pathway(s).


Pathway Unmet Rules

Rules in the first 50% of the pathway that are commonly unmet by students who are at least 75% complete with the pathway. For a four-year pathway, this can be interpreted as pathway rules that should have been completed within the first two academic years but are unmet for students in their fourth academic year or greater.

Percentages are calculated using credit hours, not rule sequences.


Pathway Unmet Courses

Top courses or course groups by student count that are present in the Pathway Unmet Rules report. For each course/course group, the total count of students missing that course/course group is split by pathway.


Potential Alternate Courses

Pathway Unmet Courses (filtered to courses only – no course groups), paired with unproductive courses that commonly coincide.


Potential Alternate Course Groups

Pathway Unmet Courses (filtered to course groups only), paired with unproductive courses that commonly coincide.

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