Double Booked Rooms Report


The Double Booked Rooms report is available from the Instructional Capacity folder in the Report App. The report displays section meetings that are scheduled in the same room at the same time. These section meetings are grouped together so users can easily see which meetings are double booked. The report includes sections that are partially double booked and cross-listed sections have been removed.

The Double Booked Room report is updated hourly at 30 minutes past the hour between 7:00 am  and  7:00 pm (CST). The report may be unavailable for a few minutes at 30 minutes past the hour while data is being refreshed.



Filters default to ‘Include all’ of that category unless otherwise noted.

  • Term
  • Subject
  • Instructor
  • Campus
  • Course
  • Meeting Type
  • Building
  • Status Code
  • Instructional Method
  • Room
  • Department




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