Section and Meeting Editing in Ad Astra Apps

If editing is enabled and the user has permission, section and meeting information can be edited in Align, Monitor, and Schedule. 

The Publish option is available when editing if the following criteria have been met: 

  • Direct publishing of changes is supported for your student information system.
  • Publishing is enabled for your institution.
  • Your user has permission to publish.



Editing Room Assignment

To have accurate room availability, users will need to have a term, meeting days, and time configured for the section before selecting a room assignment. The room drop-down selection will display basic information about the room, including whether the room is available. Users can select any room in the drop-down.

As users modify a section meeting pattern, campus, or building, the room drop-down will reset to check availability and display an updated room list.


Curious to view double-booked rooms? Check out the Double Booked Rooms report available within Report! 

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