Schedule Overview

Schedule is Ad Astra’s class schedule-building and management application. More than just a transactional scheduling utility, Schedule represents an important piece of an improved class schedule management experience.

  • Easy access to improved navigation of sections for class schedule building and maintenance.
  • Connects the planning process to the scheduling functionality.
  • Provides some visibility into planning activities and feedback.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other stakeholders at your institution.
  • An efficient way to navigate the class schedule to find the information you need.


When do you use Schedule?

A typical scheduling process might start with a roll-forward schedule. Course offering decisions are made by the departments with the help of recommendations from Align and Predict. Once the class schedule is finalized and registration is underway, you can use Monitor to keep an eye on registration velocity, sort of an early warning system for courses that are either filling too quickly or perhaps not filling quickly enough to justify the number of sections being offered.

The act of completing and buttoning up the class schedule, vetting it for completeness, monitoring any policy goals, and managing ongoing changes, is the role of Schedule.

Schedule is not only a view of your class schedule with transactional scheduling tools. More than that, it provides visibility into the planning and building process that is happening at the department level, as well as easy collaboration and communication with departments and other campus stakeholders during the scheduling process.

The target user for Schedule is anyone in a position on-campus that is responsible for helping make sure the class schedule is complete and ready to be published. This might be centralized schedulers working with departments to help finalize and vet the class schedule, or more decentralized, departmental representatives making sure that decisions are reflected in their offerings. Some questions you can answer with Schedule are:

  • Are the department’s changes all accurately represented? Do all of our sections have complete meeting times? Or rooms? Or instructor assignments?
  • Does my institution have meeting patterns, or time of day, or room utilization standards that we need to keep an eye on?

Schedule is ideal for preparing the class schedule for registration, and then managing ongoing changes as registration begins and after classes are in session.

Learn How to Use Schedule

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