Schedule Advanced Filtering Field Definitions

For a filtering overview, see the Ad Astra Apps Advanced Filtering Overview article. 

Ad Astra Status
Editing status based on how the section was imported and if there are actions taken on the section.

  • N/A: default state for an imported section that hasn't been changed. The section is not colored-coded or does not have a status.
  • New: section has been added by a user in Ad Astra
  • Edited: section has been edited after import and is color-coded blue. These sections are planned changes.
  • Added: section added in Ad Astra after import and is color-coded green. This section is a planned addition.
  • Deleted: section is flagged for deletion in Ad Astra after import and is color-coded pink. This section is a planned deletion.
Campus Code (Example: M)
Campus Description
Full Campus Name (Example: Main)
College Code (Emaple: BU)
College Description
Full College Description (Example: "Arts and Sciences")
Course Number
Course Number (Example: 1101)
Days Met
The combination of days included in the meeting pattern (Example: Mon)
Department Code (Example: ENGL)
Department Description
Full Department Description (Example: "School of Education")
Division Code (Example: BU)
Division Description
Full Division Description (Example: "College Of Business")
The name of the instructor(s) assigned to the section 
Meeting Type
The meeting type of the section's meeting (Example: "Lecture")
Name of the modality that matches the section's attributes, per configuration (Example: "Online")
Part of Term
Part of Term Code (Example: "Full Term")
Part of Term Name
Part of Term Name (Example: "Full Term")
Recommendation Status
The status of the recommendation provided by the application (Example: "Approved)
Recommendation Type
The action the application recommends  (Example: "Addition")
Registration Status

Detection of how fast sections are filling by using a status of High, Low, or On Track.

(Example:  "OnTrack")
The building and room combination assigned to the meeting (Example: "BH 103")
Subject Code (Example: ACCT)
Term Code (Example: 202108)

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