Course Offerings by Term Report


You can access the Course Offerings by Term report from the Schedule Refinement/Course Offerings folder in the Report App. The report displays an institution’s course offerings by campus for the selected terms including the number of sections offered, the enrollment, seats, and enrollment ratio for each course. This report will allow you to compare the section offerings of the course between the two terms to look for differences.

The report groups by campus and course, and then displays the term-specific number of sections, enrollment, adjusted seats, and enrollment ratio for each selected term.

Clicking on the column headers will allow for the sorting of the courses by that column. Using the filter panel on the side will filter down the list of courses.




Filters default to ‘all’ of that category unless otherwise noted.

  • Term (must select one to analyze)
  • College
  • Campus
  • Division
  • Subject
  • Department
  • Course


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