Align Candidate Report


You can access the Align Candidate Report from the Schedule Refinement/Align Details folder in the Report App. The report allows for the comparison of courses in an analysis term including analysis candidate type, section offerings, seats, etc. to a manually selected comparison term (current or past). For example, the report would allow you to compare current Align addition candidates against either the current term to see how the course is filling, or a prior term to see how the course filled in prior semesters.



Filters default to ‘Include all’ unless otherwise noted.

  • Analysis Term (must select one to analyze)
  • Campus
  • Comparison Term (must select one to compare)
  • College
  • Subject and Course
  • Division
  • Course Campus
  • Department
  • Top Candidate (true or false)
  • Candidate Type
  • Comparison Term Section Enrollment (allows for the exclusion of zero enrollment sections if desired)


Align Candidate widget

This pivot table displays an institution’s course offerings by campus for a select analysis term and shows the candidate type (Addition, Reduction, Time Change, or No Action), whether it is a top candidate, and Align analysis term info including the sections offered, seats offered, sections needed and seats needed. It then shows the sections offered, enrollment, seats, and enrollment ratio for a selected comparison term.

The filter panel allows for the filtering of the list of sections and courses and includes the ability to only show Align “top candidates” as well as filter down to specific candidate types. The Comparison Term Section Enrollment filter allows you to filter out sections from the comparison term based on enrollment (to exclude zero enrollment historical sections if they remain in your course schedule but were never truly offered)



Candidates by College or Department Widget

The Candidates by College or Department widget will show the count of courses by candidate type (Addition, Reduction, Time Change, and No Action). The visual defaults to grouping by college but can be changed to department by right-clicking on any of the bars.


Widget Interaction

  • Left-clicking
    • Any section of the bar graph will change all other widgets in the report to filter to the selected bar.
    • It will automatically add the filter to the left pane filter panel.
    • To unselect a bar, select the bar again. The left pane filter will clear out and the widgets will return to default.
    • To change filters on the same category, click on an underemphasized bar and the filter and widgets will change to your new selection.
  • Slider Bar
    • The bar below the bar graph is a good way to zone in on a group that has a lot of items in a category.
    • Click and drag the window to move the whole window while retaining its size.
    • Drag the right and left bars on either side of the grey window to zoom in.
  • Right-click on any bar to get the category menu


  • If no filters are selected, the category will change for all. No other widgets will be affected by this change.
  • If there are filters selected, changing categories will only show categories that appear within the filter. Ex. Selecting a specific campus, then selecting the college category will only show colleges within the previously selected campus.

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