Adding and Editing Course Groups

A course group is a group of courses from which a selection should be made when choosing a course for this point in the pathway. Course groups are often used when a student can choose from a selection of general education courses, high-level electives, and other optional courses. Rather than selecting each course every time you create a pathway, you can create a course group to add to multiple pathways.

To view the course groups already created, click the Course Groups tab at the top of the page when you first enter the Pathways app. You will see the name and description of the course group in the first column, the courses in the group in the second column, and the pathways the course group is associated with in the third column by selecting "Show Pathways".  

Click the export icon () for an Excel spreadsheet of your course groups.


Adding a Course Group

  1. Click Add Course Group in the top right corner.
  2. Insert a name for your course group, making sure to follow proper naming conventions,
  3. Enter a description.
  4. Using the search criteria, select the courses you would like to be in the course group.
  5. Once you have all the courses selected for your group, click Save.

You will now be able to add this course group to an existing or new pathway.


Editing Course Groups

If a course is no longer accepted for a course group fulfillment or you need to add a new course to satisfy a requirement within a group, you can edit an existing course group. It is important to note that course groups are not term-specific. This means that changing a course group will change the group for all catalog terms. There are two paths forward when editing course groups.

  • To edit a course group for all catalog terms: Select "Edit" from the More Options menu, which will allow you to remove and add new courses to the course group. You can also edit the name and description of the course group if needed.
  • To edit a course group for a future catalog term: Create a new course group by selecting "Duplicate" from the More Options menu. This will clone the existing course group, copying the description and the courses in the duplicated course group. Select a new name, keeping in mind the name must be unique, and remove or add courses to the course group. 

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