Enrollment Ratio Comparison Report

The Enrollment Ratio Comparison Report allows you to see which courses have the largest increase or decrease in enrollment or enrollment ratio over a period of time. It can be used to compare courses that are filling in the current registration cycle compared to last week, last month, or allow you to compare how it is filling compared to last year.

You can select a term and the report will show the current Enrollment, Seats, Section Count, and Enrollment Ratio by course, for that term. You also must select a “Comparison Term” and “Comparison Date” from the filter panel on the right. The report will then allow you to compare and sort by the Enrollment Ratio change or Enrollment change between those two dates.




Filters will default to ‘Include All’ unless otherwise noted.

  • Campus
  • Course
  • College
  • Division
  • Term (must select one term to analyze)
  • Department
  • Comparison Date (must select one)
  • Comparison Term (must select one comparison term which can be the same as the current term or different)

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