Unproductive Courses Drill-In


The Unproductive Courses drill-in is accessed through the Unproductive Course widget in the Unproductive Courses Report. The drill-in offers a deeper look into the number of unproductive credits taken per pathway and the grades received by the students. 



The filters will match the selection made in the Unproductive Courses report and manipulating these drill-in filters will NOT affect the filtering on the origin report.


Number of Unproductive Credits Per Pathway Widget

The Number of Unproductive Credits Per Pathway Widget offers a breakdown of the student grades received for a course that resulted in unproductive credits.


Widget Interaction

  • Slider bar
    • The bar at the bottom of the bar graph is a good way to zone in on a group that has a lot of items in a category.
    • Click and drag the window to move the whole window while retaining its size.
    • Drag the left and right bars on either side of the grey window to zoom in or out.
  • Grade Selection
    • On the bottom of the graph, hover over a grade code to highlight the bars that correspond with each grade.
    • Selecting one of the boxes next to the grade code will hide that value from the bar chart.
  • Pathway Selection
    • Selecting any of the bars on the graph will filter the report to show results for that specific pathway.
    • To undo this selection, press “Clear Selection” in the upper-right corner of the graph.

Unproductive Courses by Pathway Widget

The Unproductive Courses by Pathway table breaks down the number of students that took the specific unproductive course into their assigned pathways.


Widget Interaction

  • Clicking on the hyperlinked fields will show an additional drill-in report that shows more details about the grades received by the students in that specific course.

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