Room Validation Report


The Room Inventory report is designed for use during implementation. After the initial ingestion, this report displays data that was ingested from your student information system.



Filters are located on the right-side panel and default to ‘all’ of that category unless otherwise noted.

  • Campus
  • Room
  • Building
  • Room Type


Count of Section Meetings and Rooms associated to Room Types

This pivot table can aid in selecting dominant room types. The count is intended to see the dominant patterns of how room types are distributed and how sections are assigned to room types. It is organized by campus, then room type to see each room type that is associated with each campus. The aggregated number of rooms and a count of sections that have been scheduled in this room are an aggregation of all time to get an idea of the most heavily used room types.



Rooms with a Capacity of Zero Widget

The Rooms with a Capacity of Zero pivot chart shows rooms imported that have a capacity of 0. This can be scrutinized to see if each room with this condition should be excluded or the capacity adjusted and included in the Excel room file import.



Rooms Never Assigned Section Meetings Widget

The Rooms Never Assigned Section Meetings pivot table shows rooms that have never been assigned a section meeting. This can reveal the rooms that were imported from the Student Information System that do not need to be included in the Excel room file import.



Rooms with Section Meetings Assigned Widget

The Rooms with Section Meetings Assigned widget shows all rooms with a count of section meetings that have been offered in them. This shows the section meetings for all time and can give the idea of the frequency of use.



Section Meetings Assigned Rooms That Do Not Appear in The Rooms Table Widget

This widget is meant to catch the practice of assigning section meetings to rooms that do not exist in their Student Information System. This can bring awareness to updates needed in the SIS or insights to adjusting the Excel room file.


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