Room Inventory Report


The Room Inventory report is intended to be used in building the Excel room file and has the capability to export room data imported from the student information system in order to provide a starting point for the file. It can also be used after an import to verify the import worked as intended.



Filters are located on the right-side panel and default to ‘all’ of that category unless otherwise noted.

  • Campus
  • Room
  • Building
  • In Room File?
    • Toggle this true/false filter to see rooms that were imported by the room file vs. rooms that were not.
  • In SIS?
    • Toggle this true/false filter to see rooms that exist in the student information system vs. rooms that were added in the Excel room file import that did not match a room in the student information system.


Room Type by Campus Widget

The Room Type by Campus widget is a bar graph that shows the distribution of room types over each campus to aid in understanding what room types are in use.



Percent of Rooms in Room File Widget

The Percent of Rooms in Room File widget is a quick way to see if a room has yet to be imported from Excel. Additionally, once rooms have been imported it can show how many rooms are imported from the SIS vs. modified with the Excel room import.



Room Inventory List

The Room Inventory list is a pivot chart that is formatted exactly how the Excel room file is formatted. Exporting this widget allows for a starting point when building this room file. The advantages of starting with this a starting point can provide insight to an institution on the status of how they are storing room information in their student information system.




You can export the room inventory list to a CSV file.

  1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the widget.


  2. Select "Download"  and "CVS file"


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