Momentum Year

Momentum Year keeps track of momentum metrics for students in their crucial first year of college. Compare metrics across an institution, program, and pathway. This data ensures students are on a path to achieve their academic goals and build velocity toward their degree. Momentum Year milestones include:

  • Core English and Math Gateway Courses
  • Nine credits in the student’s academic focus area
  • 30 credits in the first year



Momentum Year Student List

A Start Date is selected within the Momentum Year tab, and the corresponding student list is displayed. Student Start Date is identified by grouping applicable and non-transfer student history courses by term to find the student's first term with institutional credit. The Start Date is identified as the beginning of the student’s momentum year.

Applicable student history has been validated to make sure the SIS indicates the course is applicable, the grade received is registered, and the grade received hasn’t been excluded (typically W or F).


Students Student's name, ID, and campus. 
Pathway Pathway Name and Description
Completed Gateways Denotes whether the student has completed the Math and/or English gateways. Gateways are configured within Settings
First Year Credits First-year institutional credits plus all transfer credits through the first year
Program Progress Number of credits the student has taken on the student's pathway excluding any gateway courses
Completed Milestones Number of Momentum Year milestones the student has completed




Student Modal

Clicking on a student's name from the student list will open the Student modal that provides an in-depth look at the individual student as it relates to what they have taken (student academic history) and what is up next on their pathway.

Pathway Completion Tab



Student History Tab



Momentum Year metrics are updated on a scheduled cadence. Please work with your Ad Astra consultant to ensure these metrics are updated on a schedule that works best for your institution.

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