Next 7 Days Building Opening and Closing Times by Campus

Nicole Lamoureux from the University of Central Florida shared a report that helps determine the opening and closing times for each building without having to search through a long list of events and sections. It is subscription friendly allowing it to be automatically sent out on a weekly or daily basis.

The report shows what time the first event or section starts and the time the last event or section ends in each building for the selected campus. The report is set up to show these times starting with the date the report is run and includes the next 6 days allowing the report to be used in a subscription. Depending on what day the report runs, the starting date may be in the middle of the week. The first date of the report is highlighted and marked with “(Today).” While in the report viewer, you can drill down by clicking on each building name to see what events and sections are included in the data of the main report.

Thank you for this report Nicole that many users will find helpful!



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  • Melody Quinn, does the report take a long time to generate depending upon the number of buildings a campus has?

  • Good morning Vicky Bond! I am going to let Nicole Lamoureux give her thoughts on what she has experienced since she is the expert on this report. Are you having difficulty getting data?


  • I did at the end of the day yesterday, but set it to run at 3 a.m. as a subscription. PERFECT! Amazing job, Nicole.

  • Thank you, Vicky Bond! I'm glad the subscription worked out for you. As for manually running it, I haven't noticed any issues with runtime. I ran it for our main campus which has 29 buildings and it took less than a minute to run. The report does include the list of every section and event for the week for every room on campus but that data is hidden from the report. Perhaps your campus has a lot more sections & events scheduled and that is causing it to run longer? I'd like to think it would have around the same runtime if you were to use the sames dates as the criteria for the "All Activities for Selected Date Range and Campus by Date" report. I based my report off of this one. They are essentially the same report with some extra formulas & running total fields added in and the details section hidden.

  • Nicole Lamoureux, what is the possibility of your being able to modify this report to have one that shows ROOM opening and closing times?  Notice in the sentence above I said "your." :)  I have a feeling you are much better at Crystal than I.  I am going to play around with it, but I am not optimistic that I will be able to make it happen.  But, by golly, I'm gonna try!

  • I think that is very possible. Once I survive the first couple weeks of fall term, I will play around with it and see if I can make a second version of the report. Stay tuned! 


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