Align with Predict Training Q&A

Find answers to the questions from the Using Student-Specific Course Demand Projections training session and the Align and Predict Admin Training Session. You will learn the essential features and settings of Align with Predict to optimize your schedule building!

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Can we add additional modalities to Align?
No. Currently HyFlex, Hybrid, Online, Online Async, Online Sync, and On-Campus are the only options.


General Topic

What is the difference between a projection and a prediction?
Projection and prediction are synonymous. When you are looking at the Course List, Seats Needed is a projection for an individual course. If you click into an individual course, the orange bar in the Seats and Enrollment graph is called the predict number and is the student-driven, pathway-driven number.
What is the accuracy rate of Align predictions?
Several factors play into recommendations. To strengthen the accuracy, Align considers the courses you took action on (added or reduced) in each term and how they filled. In the end, we are confident in the top candidates being extremely accurate. We are consistently shown that if you take action on even 3% to 5% of your top candidates, they will fill term after term.
Is there a place to include supply constraints for recommendations i.e., faculty availability?
We're not looking at supply constraints like faculty or room availability for recommendations, but we are able to see room and instructor availability when editing sections.



How does transfer credit impact Pathways? Can a student's individual pathway be adjusted to reflect transfer work?
Students are simulated based on the following trends by program to show demand for the Pathway.
  • Number of students are coming in
  • Number of transfers are coming in
  • Number of returning students
  • Number of students departing from the program

We can edit simulated students by campus if needed but cannot update individual student's pathway completion.
How are students assigned to sequences?
Students are imported directly from your Student Information System and their program, major, and concentration specifics are matched with the pathways imported for your institution. If a student does not have a pathway, they will be flagged so you can assign a correct pathway to account for their predicted demand.
Are we notified if a program/major code is not recognized, if so, how?
Within the Pathways app, you can click on the "Unassociated Students" link, which will show the students that are not associated with a pathway with their particular program, major, and concentration code. Many of them will be undecided or dual credit, and you will want to work with Ad Astra to discuss where you want that demand to be assigned.
How do Pathways interact with Catalogs (Versions)? What happens if a student has a different catalog year than their term of entry? 
We pull student associations to pathways from the student information system, including which catalog or version of the pathway they are in. If you update the catalog term to what the student should be following regardless of term of entry, we will associate the student correctly.



Can the conflict heat map also triangulate with campus location?
The students in the "Students" list for the individual course that creates the heat map are specific to the single campus when you select a course on a specific campus. Their academic history assigns them to a specific campus. Therefore, the heat map is campus-based. If you have a campus group built, the heat map will include multiple campuses and would help determine if adjacent campuses are competing with one another.
Is "demand" determined by a person or by analytics?
It is determined by analytics! It is created based on those next up courses as determined by the pathway and student academic history. The demand will change based on registration and the timing of when a student has actually registered or not.
As new students enroll, do simulated student data adjust?
Yes, it does adjust as Predict updates and students register.

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