Align and Predict Definitions


Blended Recommendation
A recommendation number that is a blend of the predicted (student demand) and historical recommendations; also referred to as weighted.
Candidate Detail
The severity of the candidate type.
Candidate Type
The type of recommendation Align or Predict is providing.
A single course is being offered with two separate section codes. The course could be cross-listed between two departments or subjects (ANTH 200 and ENGL 200) or equivalent courses that may have a different curriculum (ARTS 4303 AND ARTS 5315). These sections are linked by a cross-list code in the SIS.
Degree Velocity
Degree Velocity measures the productive credit hour completion rate of a student. It is calculated by taking the number of productive credits completed by a student in a year and dividing it by the annual productive credit hour goal.
For example, if the student completes 24 credit hours, but only 21 of those credits apply to the degree and 30 credits is the suggested low for the student to be on time to the degree, then the degree velocity is 21/30 or 70%. Degree Velocity is a measurement of productive credit hours. 
Top Candidate
Top Candidates are recommendations that meet certain data criteria, in which the system has the most confidence and potentially has the highest impact. Top Candidates are currently based on only historical trend analysis.

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