Cross-listed Sections in Align

When sections are cross-listed, enrollment ratios are calculated based on the whole cross-list, using the max seats imported from the SIS and the proportion of the overall enrollment received. Cross-listed sections are indicated by a "CL" icon in Align. 

Course List

If a course has any cross-listed sections offered, a 'CL' icon will appear under the course title on the course list.  Clicking the course will reveal more information about cross-list sections.



Analysis Tab

As with Monitor, Align uses the adjusted cross-list seats number when a course is cross-listed for the calculation and display of historical enrollment ratios. This way of distributing seats based upon the cross-list as a whole helps to create more realistic enrollment ratios as well as determines a more appropriate “average size” for use when making section recommendations. Also, because partial, in-progress registrations can skew the cross-list adjustment, only historical numbers are used during this process.

Additionally, cross-listed courses are treated a little differently from non-cross-listed courses when it comes to recommendations. It’s common for overall healthy small cross-lists to include some low-enrollment sections. In these cases, Ad Astra wants to avoid making unnecessary reduction recommendations when the overall cross-list scenario does not warrant it. Therefore, cross-listed courses are considered “No Action” candidates if they have historically low enrollment ratios and also have a small number of seats needed.

The net effect of this should be those enrollment ratios more accurately reflect the cross-list and therefore don’t artificially create reduction situations. And, the average section size for cross-listed sections will reflect the cross-list historical enrollment.

Cross-listed section information is currently only supported for Banner and PeopleSoft institutions.


Sections Tab

In the Sections tab, you can view which sections are cross-listed with the same icon in blue. You can click on the blue CL icon in the Sections tab, a window will open that displays the cross-listed sections.


  • Cross-list name: code used to link two or more sections
  • Cross-list enrollment: sum of actual enrollment from all cross-listed sections
  • Cross-list seats: sum of available seats from all cross-listed sections
  • Enrollment ratio: the total cross-list enrollment divided by the cross-list seats

The cross-list name, enrollment, and seats are pulled directly from the SIS.

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