Align Course Visuals

You can access the Align course visuals when clicking into a course from the course list on the Analysis tab. 

Analysis Term

The Analysis Term visual shows the high-level data from the most recent analysis run, which is the same data we see in the overall course list. You can see still see if it is a reduction, addition, or no action candidate, and you can see the status.


Seats and Enrollment

Seats and Enrollment shows the actual enrollment (blue bar) matched up against the course caps or max seats (gray bar) for the last 5 like terms from a historical lens. For the analysis term, it will show the historical demand (green).

If you are also using Predict, then this visual will also show the predicted demand (orange bar) and needed demand (purple bar). The needed demand is a weighted demand between the historical and predicted seats needed and can be adjusted in the Predict settings by an admin based on the emphasis percentage the institution wants to give historical and predicted measures. By default, it is a 50/50 split.


Seats Filled by Term

The Seats Filled by Term visual shows the historic actual enrollments vs empty seats for the last 5 like terms.


Seats Filled by Section Code

The Seats Filled by Section Code visual shows the aggregate historic actual enrollments vs empty seats for each section code for the last 5 like terms.

Best practice is to use these two visuals in tandem by selecting a term in the Seats Filled by Term graph to limit the Seats Filled by Section Code to that specific term. This will show individual section data for the specified term.

In the graph above to the left, "Spring Full Term 2019" has been clicked on, limiting the graph on the right to show section enrollment information for Spring 2019 only.


Historical Terms

The Historical Terms table shows the last 5 like terms analyzed broken down by campus, sections/seats offered, actual enrollment, enrollment ratio, and the course(s) that contributed to the actual enrollment value.

  • Ratio: the average enrollment divided by average course enrollment cap.
  • Source: the course number will be different here if an equivalent course was offered in a previous term. For example, if ACCT 2301 used to be ACCT 231, it would display ACCT 231 and the enrollment for that term.



The Recommendations table shows all terms that have been run through a previous analysis cycle. Align only clients will only see the historical column. It is broken down by campus, historical sections/seats offered and analysis sections/seats needed. If there are multiple campuses or you have created a Campus Group, you can click on the Term to be taken to the analysis page for the course on that campus or group.

If the Predict module has been purchased, then this visual will also show the predicted sections/seats needed based on student pathway demand and academic history.

You can also check out the Align training session and the Align with Predict session!

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