Cross-Listed Sections in Monitor

When sections are cross-listed, enrollment ratios are calculated based on the whole cross-list, using the max seats imported from the SIS and the proportion of the overall enrollment received.

Cross-listed section information is currently only supported for Banner, PeopleSoft, and Colleague institutions.


Course List

If a course has any cross-listed sections offered, a 'CL' icon will appear under the course title on the course list.  



If there are cross-listed sections offered, then the calculated enrollment ratio is adjusted for the cross-list.



Course Drill In

Course Tab

When you drill into the individual course, the enrollment ratio is adjusted for any cross-listed sections. The enrollment values show (CL ADJ) for cross-list adjusted and the adjusted value used in the ratio calculations are shown in parentheses. The widgets with ratios reflect adjustments due to cross-lists.

For example, ARTS 4303 offers 13 seats and has 12 students enrolled. The seats specified for the cross-list to which it belongs is 15, and there are 13 total students enrolled. Based on its proportion of the enrollment, 14 seats are allocated to ARTS 4303 for the purpose of calculating the enrollment ratio.




Sections Tab

On the Sections tab, the 'CL' icon will appear under the section code, next to the location. 



Clicking the 'CL' icon launches a window with the cross-list information.

  • Cross-list name: code used to link two or more sections
  • Cross-list enrollment: actual enrollment from all cross-listed sections
  • Cross-list seats: available seats from all cross-listed sections
  • Enrollment ratio: the total cross-list enrollment divided by the cross-list seats

The cross-list name, enrollment, and seats are pulled directly from the SIS.




Clicking the section code will display the section details, which also reflects the cross-list code.


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