Monitor Training Q&A

Read the Q&A from the Monitor training sessions to learn more about the essential features of Monitor to track and respond to your institution's enrollment!

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Is there a filter I need to enable/disable to see grad-level courses on my screen?
This depends on the data brought into your specific tenant from your institution. For more information on your institution's data, submit a support ticket by clicking the "Support" icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.
When I look at the list of departments for my profile, it's a list of numbers instead of course names. Is this something that I can fix?
For this particular use case, you will need to submit a support ticket by clicking the "Support" icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.
Can the data be updated more often than 24 hours?
24 hours is our best practice. To confirm what may be the best practice for your institution, you can chat with your Client Success Consultant.
Can institutions adjust the low and high enrollment ratio thresholds within Monitor?
The 85% and 25% thresholds are not manipulable. 
Are we able to request that older terms be pulled into the historical data?
Yes. To get this set up, submit a support ticket by clicking the "Support" icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.
How can we group locations so we can see more than individual campuses?
Reference the Creating Campus Groups in Ad Astra Apps article for more information.
Is the x-axis “days before the start of class”?
Yes – the x-axis references days before the start of the term.
Where can I find parts of term?
Parts of term can be seen within the section data in Monitor and Align.
Who do we contact if we do not have Modality data?
To enable this functionality, submit a support ticket by clicking the "Support" icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.



How does the system handle courses that are cross-listed, including the enrollment ratio?
Reference the Cross-listed Sections in Monitor article for information about this topic. 
How do you create cross-listed courses?
Import the cross-list association from your student information system.



Can we save our filters? Can we set up automatic reports?
Filters can be saved on a user-by-user basis. These can also be shared out with other users to distribute a consistent view. Data can be exported out of the system based on your filtered view and shared via .csv.
Is the filter always available, or is it only available for the term you initially input?
The filter is based on parameters, so the best practice is to not save your filter based on the term. This allows you to easily flip through different terms using the saved filter on your other parameters like subject, department, etc.
If I choose a department with the department filter, will it list all courses associated with that department?
Yes. This filter feature shows you a list of courses that are tied to that department.
Can I share my filter? If so, how do I share it?
Yes, you can share your filter. More information can be found in the Sharing Advanced Filters Q&A article.
When a filter is shared, can they change the filter? If yes, is there a way to lock the filter?
The shared filter cannot be edited by the person who does not own it.
How do I create a filter for an enrollment ratio above 95%?
When building a filter, you will select the enrollment ratio filter option and click the greater than (>). It should look like this: EnrollmentRatio > 95
Can you filter on historical enrollment progression? 
This is not a filterable item in Monitor. There is an optional workaround outside of Monitor: You could go to Report and click on the Historical Snapshot Comparison report. For more information, reach out to your Client Success Consultant.
Is there a limit when creating filters?
No, there isn’t a limit to the filtering capability.
Can you save filters in the Analyze tab?
Yes, you can.
Are cross-listed courses noted differently from the information seen in Monitor?
Cross-listed sections are denoted with a CL below the course number and the enrollment ratio takes the cross-listed courses into account. Learn more by reading the Cross-listed Sections in Monitor article.
Can your filter by undergraduate or graduate courses?
If you have an identifying factor for your undergraduate versus graduate courses, you can use it to build a filter.
For example, if your graduate courses are all 8000 level courses, you can create a filter that looks like this: CourseNumber starts_with 8. The course list will only display courses that start with 8.
Learn more in this advance filtering article.


General Topics

Why don't I see all Fall 2021 courses in the subject(s) I selected?
There are a few reasons this could happen. Please submit a support ticket by clicking the "Support" icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.
Will this monitor all semesters that are open for enrollment?
Yes. Monitor tracks any term in active registration. (i.e. Summer and Fall 2021 terms could be monitored at the same time).
Can I export all charts and graphs from Analyze?
No. Charts and graphs can't be exported from this system at this time. 
Are Analyze features available to all users?
Yes, these features are available for all. 
How do I adjust the Analyze graphs to view all desired data?
Analyze graphs are generated from the Report app. To adjust the graph size, use the Report app. 
If a campus doesn't offer a specific class, how can I assess demand?
Align and Predict apps, together, can locate projected demand for courses that are both offered and those that are not currently offered in each term. 
What do the colors in Monitor differentiate?
The colors identify the overall course registration status.
  • Low: Below 25%
  • On-track: 25%-85%
  • High: Above 85%.
Can I track registration velocity by instructors?
No. We currently do not track this at the instructor level.
How do I sign into Monitor?
Sign in with your username and password on Ad Astra's product home page
Is there documentation that talks through what you are seeing on each of the graphs?
Under the "Analyze" section, watch the Analyze video in the How to Use Monitor article. 



How can I see my institution's modalities?
Reference the Modality Settings article to learn how.
Does Ad Astra analytics reveal trends on which course modalities are filling first?
We will provide these insights to future terms as we continue to gather this data on an institution-by-institution basis.
When will the modality feature be available?
Submit a support ticket by clicking the "Support" icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, and our team will help you get started.
How can I configure modalities? 
Reference the Modality Settings article to learn how you can continue modality. Submit a support ticket by clicking the "Support" icon in the bottom right corner of your screen if you need help setting this up.


Notifications and Messaging

What's a use case for using the send message feature?
Collaborate in-app about course enrollment changes. You can tell your colleagues to watch specific courses and notify them of changes to seat or section changes. 
How does a user get notifications? 
Users get an email when they are tagged in a message. 
Is there a way to set up an alert for when courses hit a certain enrollment percentage? 
Alerts are for the individual course level currently. 
Are the notifications set up on the course or the section level?
Course level.
Can you set notifications for specific conditions? Example - X% on Y campus?
No. However, you can set filters to bubble up courses on a campus with a certain percentage or higher. You can also limit by campus in the “Courses” tab. Visit the Ad Astra Roadmap page for new feature updates.
Can all users see a message to someone or just the person tagged?
All users can see the conversation. Only the person tagged gets the alert.


Product Feature Requests

Will there be a plan to include the Course number (CRN) in the hover info so users can readily identify which section the colored dot refers to? 
For updates on new features we're working on, check out the Ad Astra Roadmap
In the course view, is it possible to label the days until the start and the actual date to see trends related to specific registration efforts?
The views in the UI cannot be manipulated beyond the filter or column sort functions.
How do I change the color of the terms on the Historical Enrollment Progression chart?
Colors are not configurable on an institution-by-institution basis.
Are there any plans to include Start Date in the Filter options to isolate certain sessions within a term by using greater than/equal to?
For updates on new features we're working on, check out the Ad Astra Roadmap.
Is there a way to filter courses by instructor name?
The field is not filterable on the course list page.
Does Ad Astra plan to add waitlist values to the Enrollment Ratio’s detailed information?
Yes. Visit the Ad Astra Roadmap page for updates.



Does an enrollment over 95% alone suggest the need to add another section?
It could indicate a bottleneck for students that may be looking to register for those courses. The science/data suggests you may need more seats or sections, but you would also want to assess any historical demand for the course (or if it typically fills quickly) or if you know you may or may not have the resources to adapt to that. The collaboration tool will help with those conversations and will allow you to see more details to help with this decision-making process.
How soon will a newly created section appear in Monitor?
Monitor is refreshed daily. 
Is there a way to tie to physical space - meaning I'm running out of rooms and maybe I need to create an online section instead to capture demand?
No, Monitor does not tie into the physical space. We are evolving our Align tool to allow for section building/editing that will include room conflict checking.
Is it possible to add CRN along with section information in Monitor?
We are not bringing that into its own field on the Section List page. We do bring in CRN within the section record. Click the hyperlinked section, you will see the CRN as the section ID field. 
How do you turn on the section column?
The "Sections" column view can be turned on in your "Settings". Within Settings, click on the Monitor tab and select "View Section Breakout in List". Learn more about how to turn on the Sections column in the Section Breakout article.

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