Section Breakout

Users can turn on visuals that will display the number of sections and how they are filling directly from the Courses tab by leveraging the section functionality.



How to read the visuals

  • Filled in bubble = section has greater than 85% enrollment
  • Partially filled in bubble = section has between 25% and 85% enrollment
  • Empty bubble = section has less than 25% enrollment
  • Orange bubble = section has at least one student on the waitlist

You can hover over an individual bubble to view more information about the individual section, including the enrollment percentage, actual enrollment, available enrollment, and waitlist totals.



Turning On Section Breakout

To turn on Section Enrollment Breakout, users can go to the 'Settings' link under the profile icon in the upper right corner. 


Select the Monitor tab and check the box to "View Section Breakout in List".


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